Become Part of our Team

Hey there! Let's talk about association membership and why it's so important!

Being a member of a not-for-profit community organisation is a fantastic way to connect with people who share similar interests and goals and are part of your local community. Our organisation offers free membership, giving you access to information, events and the chance to meet great people who share your passions.

As an association member, you're a vital part of our community. You're the "owner" of our neighbourhood and community centres, and we are accountable to you. We want to hear your concerns and ensure we're running things as you like us to.

Here are some of the benefits you'll get as a BNC association member:
- It's completely free!
- You'll have the chance to share your skills and learn new ones.
- You can get involved in planning events and gatherings.
- You have a say over the direction of the BNC.
- You can attend our AGM and elect board members.
- You and your friends and family can join your local community and meet fantastic, like-minded people.
- You'll receive our member newsletter every quarter, so you'll always be up-to-date on what's happening in the community.

We'd love to have you if you're interested in becoming a board member!

Did you know that all of our board members are volunteers from the community? It's true! But first, you'll need to sign up as an association member if you're not already one. If you want to gain new skills or sharpen your existing ones, you can become a board member mentee and learn the ropes of what's involved. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself to join our board of management in the future!

Remember, according to our constitution, the board must approve all new membership applications. But we can't wait to have you join us as a BNC association member!


Become a Volunteer

To become a volunteer, you’ll need to obtain your working with children’s check. It’s free
for volunteers and you can apply here.

We invite businesses to support our programs by being a food collection point, holding food drives or monetary donations.

Volunteering is for everyone. Our role is to link you with volunteering opportunities in your local community. Volunteering makes a meaningful and positive contribution to our

● Learn or develop new skills and build your confidence 
● Feel a sense of community by giving back  to your community and supporting others
● Meet interesting and diverse people, make new friends
● Follow a pathway to employment and enhance your resume
● Get on-the-job experience in an area of study 
● Meet Centrelink mutual obligations
● Work and Development Orders may also be able to be supported
● Improve your health and wellbeing and feel a part of something
● Volunteering strengthens our community!

These will be advertised on the centre FB page.  Contact the centre for further details.

Learn more about volunteering at
Call us on (02) 4285 3055 to chat about becoming a BNC Volunteer!
(link to volunteer form)


Become an Association Member

It’s Free! By joining Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre (BNC), you have the opportunity to
share your voice and participate in lots of things to do with the Centre.

● Learn a new skill
● Attend Member information sessions
● Pitch your community project
● Get involved in the planning of events and gatherings
● Have a say over the direction of the BNC
● Get yourself and your family and friends involved in YOUR local community centre
and meet like-minded people
● Join our Mentor program if you'd like to be a future Volunteer Board Member.
● Apply to join the BNC Board!

Email us for more info at

If you would like to donate to BNC all donations over $2 are tax deductible (and will go towards helping the Bellambi community).

A not-for-profit organisation Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient.

Job Vacancies

At the moment there are no current job vacancies. Express your interest for future
opportunities by emailing us at


Donate to BNC

Help us support our Community through our:
● Food Security Program
● Family Support Services
● Community Engagement and Volunteers programs
● Overall Community facility
Head to www.acnc, to find out more about Donating to BNC.

All donation amounts are welcomed and appreciated.

Pop in to the centre to make a donation in person or call us on (02) 4285 3055 to discuss
other ways of donating.

Learn more about volunteering at
Call us on (02) 4285 3055 to chat about becoming a BNC Volunteer!