Low Cost Food


BNC offers a range of programs and services to support local people in accessing food options. We are able to do this through our new partnership fantastic support of Clubs NSW, Bakers Delight, Oz Harvest and Need a Feed.  Oz Harvest delivers fruit and vegetables to share with community each week.

Kids' Breakfast Program
Our breakfast program provides a free meal to school aged children and young people and their parents. Breakfast is served from 7.30 to 8.30 each school day to students attending school. Toast, fruit, yoghurt and other yummy options are available each day prepared by our terrific team of volunteers.A lunch pack with a salad box, sliced bread, with a choice of ham, salami, cheese or boiled egg with a healthy snack is provided.

Community Lunch
Tuesdays during school terms was so much fun at BNC! Free bingo kicked off at 11am followed by a fantastic 2 coursemeal.
Sharing a meal boosts socialisation and is a chance to share experiences and stories amongst Community.

St Vinnies Food Van
The Vinnies Food Van offers food at the Centre every Friday 5pm to 6pm.

The Donation Hub
Supported by a number of groups who generously donate food and other essentials items to be used in the community.  Ozharvest deliveries mean we have a healthy supply of fruit and vegetables. Please contact the centre if you are in need of welfare/food assistance.


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